How can red sandal white?

For the expensive hardwood, there is a saying of "one black, two yellow, three red" on the market, and one black refers to the red sandalwood. In fact, the so-called "one black" refers to the rosewood heartwood, the material color is red and purple, and the-----!

The paper packaging industry insists on spring

When people began to compare the subprime mortgage crisis with the wings of the butterfly, they discovered that the world economy had long been a feathery one. The good times that continued to flourish seemed to vanish all of a sudden. The cold currents hit every corner of the world economy and qu-----!

Changxin Furniture Maintenance Law

The first thing to maintain furniture is to keep the gloss of its surface paint. Surface-painted furniture, such as writing desks, bookshelves, doors and windows, etc., the gloss of the paint used for many years will become dim, can be gently wiped with gauze dipped in strong -----!

The new "donkey" must-have: Fifty sentences o…

1 Great minds think alike. The hero sees slightly the same. This sentence is most suitable for the first sentence, but it is best translated into a hero and a beautiful woman. 2 Get going! Come on. Used when starting operations. 3 We've got to hit the road. We must hurry up. Same as the -----!

Appreciation of Australian furniture style

In the vast Pacific Ocean, there is one of the largest "islands" called Australia, which is commonly known as Australia. For many years, the Australian mainland has been lonely outside of other continents. The unique natural environment has given the Australian people-----!