Printing method using rubber stamper

Patent Name Printing Method Using a Rubber Stamp Patent Applicant International Business Machines Company Principal Applicant Address New York State Inventor Alexander Beech; Emanuel Dramach; Bruno Michel; Heinz Schmid; Haike Wolff Application (Patent) No. 03821304.4 Date of Application 2003.08.28-----!

Cooking adhesives for food packaging bags

I. Introduction With the improvement of domestic consumption levels, the pace of life of urban and rural residents is accelerating, travel and tourism are increasing, and concepts and methods of food consumption are quietly changing. Many families try to liberate themselves from the kitchen, redu-----!

Multi-density ink jet ink set for ink jet printing

Patent name: Multi-density ink-jet ink set for ink-jet printing Patent applicant Applicant Agfa-Grout Corporation Principal applicant Address Inventor F. Defergut, Mötzel, Belgium; M. Mayer; G. De Rover; R.Class Application (Patent) No. 200510068733.X Application Date 2005.04.30 Certification D-----!