Three child safety blister packs

TapPharmaceuti-calPi`oducts packs both the Prevacid and Naprosyn prescriptions in the D0sepakTM package.

The Dosel~akTM Kit was developed by MeadWestvaco and includes: outer carton, blister card and unique locking device. The two prescription drugs of T

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Fleece pants trousers are now one of the main garments for outdoor activities. Fleece trousers are also available in the market. What kind of fleece is better? What kind of fleece can meet the requirements of our daily outdoor activities? In connection with my experience in buying fleece,

U.S. Made of Soybean Food Packaging Film

The United States has successfully developed a food packaging film using soybean as raw material.
Soybean packaging film is soaked in water to make it soft, remove the crushed, replay the water, isolate the protein, dry at the point to get fine protein powder

Corrugated roller wear

The following illustration shows that the upper and lower corrugating rollers are in full contact when producing the B-type corrugated medium, and thus the formed corrugated medium paper may have insufficient compressibility.

Removal of special stains on the layout

In printing, some special stains that are difficult to remove are often encountered. Such as: the line from the text too close (only 0.5mm away) and the dirty traces of the text, as well as baking version of the dirty track. This kind of dirty trace is not only