Spectracure F Dispersant

Spectracure F Dispersant: This product plays a role of pigment dispersion in UV flexo printing inks. It is also suitable for primary colors and PMS printing (Panton matching system, created in combination with standard SWOP ink, can be used for more than 3000 k

Thermal lithographic printing plate original

Patent Name Thermally sensitive lithographic printing original patent applicant Applicant Agfa-Gruff company principal applicant address Mötzel Inventor M. Van Dammer; J. Rokufel; B. Greniningdale; H. Van A. Application (Patent) No. 03824216.8 Date of Applicati

Plastic beer bottle filling process

Patent Name Plastic Beer Bottle Beer Filling Technology Patent Applicant Kong Xiangzhong Principal Applicant Address 250032 Inventor Kong Xiangzhong Application No. 196, Patent No. 200410023486.7 Application Date 2004.02.24, Awarded No. 196, Luojiao Majiazhuang, T