The automatic roll-off point and double-use bag making machine includes an organism, a feed roller, a welding knife, a main motor, a winder, and a regulating roller. The welding knife is installed on the machine body, and a programmable controller is arranged on the machine body. The winding rack and the body are installed separately. The connecting end of the machine body and the rolling rack is provided with a flat cutter or a point cutter for loading and unloading. The welding knife is a double-sided welding knife with interchangeable cutting surfaces. Photoelectric eyes are arranged in front of the welding knife. The photoelectric eye is connected with the programmable controller. The film is also sent to the flat knife or point cutting on the body. The knife position servo motor or stepper motor. This bag making machine has the advantages of good product quality, high output, easy operation and maintenance, etc. It is an ideal equipment for producing garbage bags and fresh-keeping bags.

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