Fortunately, this high-end, excellent printing technology under the joint efforts of Beijing Jiayisishi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and many technical experts finally developed a mature complete set of technical products in 2002 and passed China's printing and equipment. The unanimous appraisal of the experts of the Printing Equipment Quality Supervision and Testing Center of the Equipment Industry Association, China Printing Technology Association, and Press and Publication Administration. This technique has solved the problems of the difference in characteristics of recorded originals in conventional printing and the two problems that are much smaller in the four-color color space than the color space of reflected light in the subject. Because high-fidelity printing color separation technology visually perceives color brightness by regulating the neutral grey component of the printing; expanding the printed color space and mapping the saturation of the perceived color, the printing image effect is closer to the observation effect of the actual scene, from this In effect, high-fidelity printing technology is a sign of a new era in the history of printing technology; this technology will certainly promote the development and application of exquisite printing, personalized color printing, and color security printing.

Figure 4: Block diagram of SOLOR 2.1 high-fidelity separation software system

The application of high-fidelity printing technology is very simple. A stand-alone software system is installed in the Apple computer. The application personnel can use the training to operate independently to complete the color separation output. It is better to use this type of technology in printing machines that print all primary color inks at one time. In addition, any type of printer can be used for high-fidelity printing by replacing the ink. Because the core of high-fidelity printing technology is color separation technology, this technology is applicable to various printing processes such as offset printing, gravure printing, screen printing, and flexo printing.

In May 2003, Hangzhou Zhongliang Meite Container Co., Ltd. signed the contract to apply this technology. In July of the same year, it began to enter the stage of technology application. In August, the production application passed the expert acceptance, and in December it passed the ministerial level appraisal. The use of high-fidelity color printing technology and high-definition printing technology on the printed iron container products has greatly improved product quality and increased profit growth. According to the calculation of the company, due to the use of the above-mentioned technology in the production of printed iron containers, it will create a profit of RMB 16 million in three years.

The high-definition, wide color gamut, high-fidelity iron printing technology and products are based on the traditional iron stamping process, making full use of the latest computer image processing technology, precise color measurement control technology, optimization of printing process parameters adjustment, ink analysis and processing techniques, etc. Traditional 175lpi four-color printing iron, up to 350lpi ultra-high-definition four-color high-definition color gamut printing, so that the printed image level more delicate, more abundant, brighter and brighter colors. It has taken an important step towards promoting the high-speed, process-oriented high-speed production of four-color, six-color, and multi-color one-time continuous printing iron by promoting the traditional printing of iron from China to modern digital printing. Its high-fidelity products are first popularized in the high-grade metal container market, fine engineering and related industries, especially beverages, milk powder cans, food miscellaneous cans, moon cakes, chocolates, candy, and paints, coatings, cosmetics, and craft gifts that require high decoration. Applicable to packaging such as boxes and metal caps.

It is believed that with the advancement of printing technology and the continuous transformation of the concept of users, a new generation of metal printing technology suitable for China's national conditions will enable the end customers to appreciate the beauty of high-fidelity printing products and will soon be promoted in the field of metal packaging. And application, to provide a strong technical support for China's metal packaging into the world.

The technological advancement of printing companies depends not only on updating equipment, but also on advanced technology and advanced process technology independent of equipment, which can often effectively improve product quality and increase profitability of equipment. Compared with equipment investment, technology investment quotas are generally relatively small, and investment profit margins are relatively high. The introduction of advanced technology by enterprises, digestion and absorption process can promote the improvement of employees' technical level, help enterprises to accumulate their own R & D and innovation capabilities, and support the continued healthy development of enterprises. The timely application of high-fidelity printing technology will enable companies to obtain greater investment benefits.

Beijing Jia Tian Shi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Source: "Packaging, Printing and Processing," 2005, 10

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