The rapid development of science and technology led people into the information age and the knowledge era. As a by-product of the era of information and knowledge, the era of “visual” “shape” that pursues the “visual and auditural” sense of enjoyment has also arrived. The “visual” and “formal” era under the market law has brought new issues to the development and competition of the newspaper industry: People buy newspapers is like falling in love, and the era of “beauty in mind” has become a thing of the past. Typography——as a newspaper to convey visual effects The "form" has become an important means for various newspapers to fight in the market and compete for people's attention. How to embody the characteristics of their layout, and have their own days in the fiercely competitive newspaper market, has become a common concern, exploration and continuous practice in the industry.

New concept of news dissemination

In the new century, the concept of news communication has undergone important changes. When Mr. Xiang Xiaoning was appointed deputy editor-in-chief of the Jinling Evening News, he wrote an article discussing the new concept of current news dissemination: that is, the evolution of newspapers from readability to readability to readability.

He mentioned in the article that the readability in traditional journalism theory refers to the unity of content and form of a single manuscript (information). After the newspapers entered the “reporters” era, readers entered the era of “quick-reading”. As the readable manuscripts (information) were buried in the pages of the newspaper, they may be ignored by readers. Read it. Therefore, with the development of the information age, single articles (information). The form of expression and the entire layout of the newspaper, and even the information processing form of the entire newspaper, has gradually led to the concept of legibility. The readability and the legibility of information processing methods ultimately result in the readability of news information reading.

On the basis of the readability of manuscripts (information), the concept of legibility is introduced, making it easier for manuscripts (information) to appeal to readers in newspaper pages. Or it is more convenient for readers to read, and it has become the primary task of layout designers.

In general, a person reads a newspaper for 10 to 30 minutes. The increase in the size of newspaper pages does not mean that the time for people to read newspapers has increased, but it means that the reading time of each edition has declined. The "quick reading" of information has led to changes in the way information is disseminated: Simplified layout elements. For headings, the legibility is more legible than vertical headings; in terms of font size, the legibility of the standard size of the cube is greater than that of an oversized, narrow or flat font; in terms of arrangement, the decoration is flat and the picture is eye-catching. The easy-to-read version of the text and sparse layout is larger than the fancy, picture-like, and text-intensive layout.

Typography design new Raiders

Changes in the concept of news communication will inevitably lead to changes in the way newspapers read and published. In order to adapt to this new change, newspaper designers must study and determine new strategies for layout design. Since 2000, "Beijing Evening News", "Guangzhou Daily", "Yangcheng Evening News", "Chengdu Commercial News", "West China Metropolis Daily" and other wholesale businesses and advertising revenue have taken the leading position in domestic newspapers and their market-oriented operation level is relatively high. The newspapers were invariably revisited and the layout of the layout was very close to the overall layout. In recent years, some of the newly established newspapers that have performed well in “new” newspapers, such as “21st Century Business Herald”, “Economic Observer”, and “Urban Express” have adopted the same format as the above-mentioned newspapers. Some party newspapers and industry newspapers are also unwilling to leave, such as the Nanfang Daily, China News and Newspapers, and the Auto Newspaper. They also carried out major reforms in the format. The essence of the reform of the layout of these newspapers is the conscious or unconsciously introduction of the concept of communication that enhances readability. Summarizing the experience of these newspaper format reforms and looking forward to the future development of newspaper layout, there are roughly four principles that must be followed.

The principle of stylization: The layout style of the newspaper is a relatively fixed feature of the reader's differentiation from other newspapers. Once the style is formed, it should not be easily changed. It is only advisable to make fine-tuning of the improved details and not to make subversive changes. Style is not only the reader can recognize his own characteristics from the newspaper pile at one glance, but also is the reader's "love in the eyes of the West" emotional bond, especially urban newspapers, many readers or family years, more than ten years Even if you read a newspaper for decades, it has become a habit. If you suddenly make a drastic change, it will be like suddenly changing your face into someone else. It will be difficult to adapt psychologically.

According to the reader's survey of a newspaper's loyalty, layout style plays an important role. In the increasingly fragmented reality of newspapers, the competition of newspapers is actually the competition of similar newspapers. In Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Chengdu, where newspapers are well-developed, there are often even a dozen or even dozen urban newspapers for a city. These newspapers have limited news resources, similar reader positioning, and similarities. Under the concept of running a newspaper, how can we display our own characteristics, layout style has become the primary factor. Every newspaper and the elite are striving to be different in the format. You are gorgeous and bright, you are eyebrows, I am eye-catching, you are fat, I am thin, you are white, I am yellow (means the color of the paper), you are cold, I am warm In short, it is new and unique. Urban newspapers in Beijing, for example, are also faced with the general public. They are the evening newspaper surname "late", the morning newspaper surname "chen", the Xinbao newspaper surname "xin", and the new Beijing newspaper surname "xin", all with distinctive personalities. . Like the youth newspapers, articles in the "China Youth Daily" are mostly ideologically good, have the characteristics of rationality, profoundness, and seriousness. Its layout is simpler and simpler; the city and culture that the Beijing Youth Daily pays attention to young people. The main dynamic information is that it is characterized by fast, new, and personal views, and its layout is intensified. It is similar to the heavy metal rock that young people like. While establishing its own style, it should also conform to the rules of visual aesthetics, and take the nature of its own newspapers and readers' position as its guideline.

The principle of humanity: Most readers of the newspapers are concentrated in middle and above cities. Most of these people are living in the workplace and have greater pressure for self-development. After a busy day, they read newspapers for rest and access to various information. They will To read selectively, it is not how thick and how big your title is, how fancy the layout can be attracted. To satisfy the reader’s sense of enjoyment, one should use comfort and pleasing as the guideline, and must not be focused on highlighting the reader’s eyeballs, blindly demanding a large size, and it is an anomaly with the content. Smooth, warm and elegant is appropriate.

For example, some newspapers with better market performance now reflect their pursuit of humanity to varying degrees, that is, the number of words per column has decreased, which is more in line with people's reading videos and reading habits in the Internet era; canceling seams and giving newspapers to newspapers. Thinning provides space to make the layout lighter and clearer; the unified title of the title, the color tends to be a simple and bright; the arrangement of the article has changed to the “interlaced occlusion” style for the full-page vertical bar, making the layout neat and easy to read. "China Sports News" and "Dahe News" are all very good newspapers. The format is also well-designed, but it seems to lack aesthetics. The problem lies in too many blacks. The eyebrows and trailers use dark gray. , large black and white photos, coupled with all-black super-heavy title, at a glance, is simply a black Li Yan. Black Li Wei is of course very distinctive and can be recognized at a glance, but it does not meet the human aesthetic standards. Therefore, while the layout of newspapers pays attention to the principle of stylization and rationalization, we must also pay attention to humanity. This is the core of the concept of “visual” and “shape” era layout design.

The principle of sleekness: The layout designers of newspapers should not be limited to layouts, should broaden their horizons, comprehend by analogy, pay attention to the related arts of fashion and fashion, and enhance their artistic accomplishment and sensitivity to fashion, as well as their ability to understand and grasp design rules. Make the layout of the newspaper keep pace with the times. Such as clothing, movies, fashion colors, new concepts of graphic design, new technologies, etc. must be fully absorbed for my use. Industrial design methods can also be introduced into the layout of newspapers. In addition to the three-dimensional design of the overall image, logos such as the logo of the newspaper brand, the purpose of the newspaper, and ideas can also be identified on the layout. In addition, it can also be integrated with the layout of popular newspapers abroad. For example, the world-famous British "The Times" and the "New York Times" of the United States all adopt narrow-type newspapers. The counter-offer newspapers are 3 to 5 cm narrower than traditional Chinese newspapers. . In recent years, some domestic newspapers like Nanfang Daily, Economic Observer, Southern Weekend, China Motorsport, China Consumer Daily, Beijing Morning Post, Beijing Youth Daily and other newspapers All of them have reduced their weight and adopted this internationalized gold newspaper type, which has attracted readers and experts praise, and has brought benefits to the development of the newspaper.

Rationalization principle: The principle of rationalization is a traditional principle and also a basic principle. The rationalization mentioned here is different from the traditional rationalization. Before the marketization, our newspapers mostly insisted on the content first, and the so-called layout design was only based on the arrangement of the content. Nowadays, the rationalization of typography has new connotations. Its rationality is more reflected in the scientific nature under the principles of stylization, humanity and fashion. For example, many newspapers have a cover and guide function enhancement, column setting is relatively fixed, thick newspapers are grouped by type, specific layouts are finely subdivided, etc., and the industry is known as the phenomenon of newspapers and magazines. Although the advantages and disadvantages of this phenomenon are still controversial, it is a historical rationalization choice but it is an indisputable fact. Another example is that the titles of some newspapers now use a type of font, which changed the mix of fonts on the previous page, and eliminated the abuses of the past pages of the newspaper. For instance, the “Economic Observer” and the “Beijing News” have determined that Song fonts are the title fonts. Song fonts have been screened for more than a year, and are more in line with Chinese cultural temperament. In a sense, this is also a rationalization. select.

These four principles seem to be old-fashioned, but they are not easy to implement. There are internal logics that change constantly and keep pace with the times. Whether they can be organically combined and used flexibly, but also require designers to review the situation Going to know your wisdom. The newspaper "views" the new Raiders in the "shape" era, with dynamic, rich content, including the infinite changes of the mystery, is the designer constantly research, development and improvement of the new subject.

Source: Designer China

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