Patent Name Print Data Processing Apparatus and Method, and Program Patent Applicant Daeja Mesh Co., Ltd. Master Applicant Address In Kyoto, Kyoto Inventor Imai Seiyu; Yoshino Komin Application (Patent) No. 200510065045.8 Date of Application 2005.04.11 Awarded Certificate Date Approval Notice No. 1693078 Date of Publication Approval 2005.11.09 Instruction CD-ROM D0545 Main Classification Number B41F33/16 Classification Number B41F33/16; G06F3/12; H04L12/28 Distribution Original Priority No. 2004.4.30 JP 2004-135156 The digest content file converter converts the content file input to the print data processing apparatus into an intermediate file. Then, the data of the intermediate file is recorded in the page sequence table generated by the page sequence table generator. The layout information selector selects a layout information table applicable to the printing press. The link processor lays out intermediate files in various parts on the printable surface. Therefore, even if the printing press for printing has not been determined yet, the data of the intermediate file can be recorded. Summarizing Claims 1. A print data processing apparatus for dividing a printable surface dependent on a printing press into a plurality of parts and layout print objects in respective parts of the plurality of parts, the print data processing apparatus comprising : a memory for storing a plurality of separate tables, the plurality of separate tables including: a plurality of layout information tables, which are set for each size of the printable surface, and each include at least the plurality of sections The data of each part and the data of the printing object laid out in each part of the plurality of parts, and a page information table containing data of the printing object that are not unique printing objects peculiar to the printable surface, As non-specific data; a recorder for recording the non-specific data in the page information table; a selector for selecting a layout applicable to a printing machine for printing from the plurality of layout information tables An information table; and a linker for corresponding to the non-specific data in the non-specific data in the page information table and in the selected layout information table obtained by the selector A link is established between the data so that the non-specific print object is laid out in the corresponding portion of the plurality of sections. International publication of international applications entering Country Date patent agency Lung Tin International Intellectual Property Agency Ltd. Address of Attorney double Panpei Kun Wang

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