The BOPET film production line organized by the Guangdong Science and Technology Department passed the expert appraisal. Based on the BOPP4200-5000 biaxially oriented polypropylene film production unit that has been developed and put into production, this unit adopts four patented technologies with independent intellectual property rights in accordance with the technological characteristics of BOPET, in particular, high-precision rotary metering ingredients and Pre-crystallizing system; high output and low energy consumption tandem extruder; four-position piston type non-stop automatic screen changer; large filter area disc type long-term filter; high-precision three-dimensional adjustment device, high-precision combination Type 9 bearing tweezers; non-contact electromagnetic opening and closing mechanisms; closed type non-interface rails; high-efficiency hurricane anti-tempering devices and other new technologies. The successful development of BOPET biaxially oriented film production machine silk equipment has filled the domestic gap. The unit is suitable for the production of ABA type three-layer, double-layer or single-layer BOPET film. Its main technical indicators are: film width 5200mm, working speed 250m/min, film thickness 12~80μm, extrusion volume 2000kg/h, maximum diameter of rewinding 1000mm. In the international advanced level of similar products. The customer's use reflects the good, has achieved significant economic and social benefits, the market prospects can replace the import.

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